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The Indian-Chinese in Kolkata are again facing a tough moment amid the Sino-Indian border clash.

Next to the deadly clashes on Sino-Indian borders recently, do you know about the century-old Chinatown and its story in Kolkata? The Indian-Chinese are again facing anger and racist comments in India. Our friends in Kolkata says, "As long as we don't venture out too much to unknown places we are fine."

This photo shows two Indian children in this Old Chinatown neighborhood enjoy cooling off in the Sea Ip Church. Sea Ip, or Siyi, is a historical region in Guangdong Province best known as “the hometown of Overseas Chinese.” On the wall hangs a dark wooden plaque honoring Zhang Yintang, the first ambassador of the ROC to the US, with the motto “Prosperity for all,” a typical Chinese aspiration. A local Chinese businessman tells us that Indians are content with a simple material life, while Chinese always want more. This is a common, slightly negative explanation for Chinese Indians’ economic success.


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