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Don't say we didn't tell you: HK, Xinjiang and Taiwan became topics of tension between PRC & Germany

We've discussed extensively in our book China at Its Limits (Deutsche Edition: China an seinen Grenzen) about the border challenges China faces, their historical roots and the future perspectives . We also warned you that the landmines and dangers in China's rise are hidden in these regions...

PRC's Foreign Minister Wang Yi just ended his 4-countries Europe tour with a visit to Germany. In a meeting with the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in Berlin, Beijing's policies on Hong Kong (the National Security Law) and in Xinjiang (Maas wants a UNI observer mission to visit the Uighur detention camps) were openly questioned. Maas also criticized Wang's "threats" against the trip of the Czech senate president Milos Vystrcil to Taiwan. Obviously a head-aching journey for Mr. Wang.

To read more about the Chinese viewpoint of Wang's visit in German on Radio china International (where none of the unpleasant points are mentioned):


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