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The stranded Sino-Indian relation and a scarred community

A couple of weeks ago, we posted about the burgeoning discrimination the Chinese-Indians in Kolkata are facing after the deadly clash on the Sino-Indian borders. We are obviously not the only ones following the issue. The South China Morning Post just featured an article on this topic.

This decade-long border disputes had caused a war between Beijing and Dehli in 1962. Thousands of Chinese-Indians were put to jail at Deoli Camp due to Indian government's unjust suspicion. Back then, numerous Chinese-Indians fled abroad, many of whom landed in Canada. The rising tension on the borders have caused these overseas Chinese-Indians concerns that Chinese-Indians might become scapegoat again. Read more about this forgotten history and the little known community here:

This Chinese propaganda poster depicts the 1954 visit of Zhou Enlai to India, a time when both nations just got rid of Western imperialism and believed they could form a kind of Asian alliance. He, next to Nehru, was warmly welcome by the crowd in Dehli. ( ©Zhang Biwu)


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